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being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

in my case, i like being a havsieON. cause it is really not easy being mixed, among lots of pure white, is really hard. you have to use your brain a lot. maybe it is ony here in some germanian places. but. you know, when i look back. you go to school. you think you are equal, but pupils think you are differnt, are interested and maybe overburdend with the situation. so if you want to be a good person, you have to act sometimes evil, so that it works again. so if somebody hates you, i have to do an 180 and say the antipode. then he does the right thing. WTF

it goes on. also ethology and the way of looking. sometimes people look strange. if you give in you loose ( the person gets even more agressiv hahah) but its easy. you think its evil, no. just do the same evil looks, then he starts to accept you. it hurts a bit, but after some weeks its ok. i only can tell you never start to pray as a halvsie.

sometimes i think i am a bit to dumb for being a mixed person, because you really have to use your brain and body. but its really cool. damm. wow

i do not know how it is somewhere else, but hou have to be really good to be mixed. this is no easy shit.

the best thing is. here. i whatched some parents of mixed children. they are really overburdend. in some whays. maybe because the kid is genetically and pheromonical so different, they think it is not their own. if it goes on like this, we can make this whole mixed groups make some childrens fund for those mixed kids. hahahahah. here in this area...

you know i heard, the yakuzza often married some russian girls.

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

they seems to be like me. japanes father, white mother. this is really interesting. i am asian but have some strong mitrochondrians from my mother. in school, and even sometimes now, i cant hold still. i run around like a horese. or i do hardly drink alcohol cause i cant deal with it. but thats cool. or for example i liked milk as a kid. i got some strong bones, and never broke my bones. well freak of nature,i like myself.MMMMMMMM yummy oh me.

"better then you, no its wrong" you got to hold it down to get some grip. at least here. but thats what life like here.

i have straight hair, but if they grows they get curled. this hairs are cool. i dye my hair, and try to look like an naitive.

i got to tell you, i have the opposit of receding hairline. i cut a bit with the razor blade, and use some depilator cream, and have some. thats cooool. hahah.

you know i am not unreckeoned about this yakuzza mixes, that they bully a lot. i feel i am also (like) kicke this. for some things you are born. thank you mitrochondrians.

if i make myself up (hairs), and do sunglases or shit like this, and nobody raealize i am different.

but i do a lot, cause i realize, if you hit somebody, it really seems that it helps the person. sick OMG.

i whatch some matial arts game on the psp6 and think how dumb. i can tell you a good finishing move:

you sneak up, or pass someone, take sudden his chin with your hand, bush him down on the street asphalt (occiput breaks) and then on the grownd, you break his nose an mouth. plus deFINISHON...

but never try it at home. and i never would do this. only works if you have the right body.

or you take your house key between thumb and forefinger, and push sudden it sudden on some sideparts of the head.

parents advisory but i never do things in this way. it is enough to fake it. but i even not do this. i do my shit. and eat soeme donuts, ironic.

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

for example, as a kid i ate only good and healty things and this maximum. well i did not grow that big but about 175, cause i think some things in food lack here. in my case. but one leans. next time, i fetch some food from south japan also and eat like an stronaut. thats really sick buts like this.

i got to say. here they told me dont eat too much to get fat as a kid. but you got to know about how it works this cooking and eating. i like nice coooking. it seems we stasyd a bit smaller. but one leans from faults. you know at the end of gowing, i ate maximum and mde some centimeters more. fat, and then i lost. i can tell you thats easy loosing waight agin. lot of people are like dogs. i was somehow no exclusion. but you just lock away your cash card. fill up your deepfreecer, and you leave quite alone, you have no choice to eat something else thamn fagidabels and good frozen meat. i gave the cashcard some friend. and one time in the weak i took it. better sex or bordell, than...

you know i do not know how my relatives here work. but next time i start with sex at 14 and then you get adult sooner. but it seems there are still some differences. thats just my case. i heard, the pure japanese do it like this. i do not know if it fits here. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/eh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':eh:' />

some got to try it. i also got the impression, that i pure whites often know by seeing ( or better want to know thats like this, and i have to try.)

or i whitnessed some asians here. and in some ways they act like me. in ways of orientation. they move this side, that side, check it up, and if not they twist of. like some bots in pc games.

but also the white ( i am also half white) they also act funny. if you do something interesting or good, and sometimes one do not like you, they exxagerate in prais, rais your feeling, like the three kings, in order to smash you down afterwards. but one learns to deal with it. i also act like this <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':blink:' />

it is really funny.

but its ok. i am not the wisest one, but it is far enough for the vagina. sorry.

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

morover. did you also got the impression, that japanese, they take a longer time to grow up. i am now about 26, and i got the ffeling, that i am just know somehow adult. but then bomb.

take this. i met some japanese girls. one was 19, and i thought she was 14? <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' /> . but thats ok for a girl.

strange thing, but smells good. is ok. no just kidding. ah. seems to be like this.

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

allways keep in mynd that my mothertongue is german. we have some german expressions, who are similar to english, and i do some granglis, or somthing like this. i practise some english in the loose way.

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

next thing. i got the impression, that asian have something liek, whites would say a stupid face. i can tell you, the more evel you look, and train some face muskels, the beautifuler you become. it hurted a bit to be that "evil" because they do it with you, and you do not like it. but dont be dumb, do it the same way. them peole like you and accept you.

but to be honest. white trash beautiful

germans are really tough people. wow. and i get more and more this way, with this way of "bushido" hahah hagakure. well. boyhood.

too pathetic.

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

the next episode.

in youth i got the impression i had some kind of paranoia. and took some psychofarmica. wow, the drugs come cheap.

but fact is, that people often whisper somethings to you, or make moves to push sou in this direction. its easy, just do the same. on paramove( hahah) i have to same. i you get one, the next person on street is near, and you can smash it on him her. easy train to come in. but mybe it has something to do, that i grow up somwher it is a very quiet place. i heard( i am half from south japan) tokio is very quiet at night.

thats maby only true for europe. mmh or not.

and at least. it seems we get some turbo evolution in the next time. cause we get more and more mixed ones. some make it some not. cool

lets meet. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

but to be honest. i do not care, cause it it not my problem if pure people from different countries get kids. what should i say. ok. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':blink:' />

thank you (reini, thats german) pure people.

i am a bit prestressed. cause he had her this hakenkreuz. i understand why this could happen. some died, not halvsies, cause they did hardly existed. or the mixed also killed like kapos "WTF" cause...... they are really to nice people. and very hurtable. but angels in hell... or some kind of ethology. hard to understand.

for example. at the moment linz becomes like vienna. people from outside search sear chance, but we do not work and act like this. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' /> shhhhhhhhh

or some of the best people went abrought. or somehere else. is it possibel that america or something esle gets the best genes while we bleed out. hahah. ok

<img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':blink:' />

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

is it possible, that if one starts a mixed marriage, and we work ( me yes <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' /> ) a lot of people follow. for example, well i can a "bit" understand the japanes...

this julian lenon. wasnt jon shoot after marriage. but never tell him this. better drink a lot of mixed cocktails, who tasts hard and harsh. fuck. is this mixed thing so important for you others. for me not. but it is nice to meet some, and do some "hard and strong mixed" drinks...

in my case, it seems to me, that a lot of people are not capable of this "it" cause it awakes some primary instinkts.

some seems to be interested. mhhh

well hahah cool

for example. take this:

i talked with some hungarian girls in slowakia. ( well, thats only this difficult situation in central europe, but sure somewhere else too.) she told me, parts of hungary became parts of slowakia. people in hungary are somehow afraid of them, and the slowakian. if they speak hungarian on streets, people in slowakia are afraid. also some of this paranoia [b]things. mhhh. they think they talk about them, feel guilt. balabal.

i feel really good. and i am ok. i fell good. mhhhhh

but all this ashamed thing. only because of this ethomoly thing. hopfully nobody is not to anxiaus about me.

cause for example our best friends. you know, it is a contamination, for people in home countries, if some of their kids run araund abrought. they home, want to stay in a good relationship with this country, but kids have to grow up and push some things down. normally kids with 16 17 bomb their father or family. or reginally, and here it comes to the situation, that outlandish kids "attac" you know. and people ask themself WTF. i did not do this. but tension.

maybe some of those here shoud hit one of this and that tribe of the family like this one here. and they know i have not so much to do witch you. like my favourite rapper in kids time. all this anxiaous. but also very hard. too hard. maybe play them a video, and it was just a bad dream.

next point:

i met on of halvsie girls here around. she has a japanes mother. she told me everything has to be sooo clean. seems cracy. first, cause the japanese have a lot of this allergys. when ones immun system thinks worms enter the body, but its dust. lets take sum dust. earth. but one shouldnt say this. you know what i think. this first generation, especially here......... hope mine also. balalbal.

better correct some of my english next time. i write to fast, but i do not really care in an forum.

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

is it possible that, we have all this shit running, and even get the guilt. i would say no. we are too cool. or at least when we were young. what a good time.

is it possibel, that a lot of this terror wars at the moment, are because of the people outside of the countrys. i do not know. i do not care. i enjoy my life.

hahah ok. very callow.

maybe this is only my situation. but it is MMMMMMhhhhhhh

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

i am also so pathetic. shit. i fetch now some food.

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

hahah. what a fun. it was.

you know, people like to criminalyse people. well, play them this in videos. then they have their right. and feel also good.

you know dont do drugs, this is for idiots. just chuff. chotto. try to make others do drugs. if you get to much girls, say sou are gay. and being not. usw usw. WTF one has to be really careful and tricky, but one must also develop.

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

i like europe and japan is also ok for me.

being a halvsie is bomb wow - doorknobdeity - 11-22-2009

get a fucking blog, man

being a halvsie is bomb wow - hapadeity - 11-22-2009

yeah mate get a bloody blog

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-22-2009

<img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/happy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='^_^' />

i really do not know, but is it possible that my father read to much fantasy that he even did not understand. or was he fascinated by the yakuzza or nazis. next time i meet him i do not even ask. as long i feel good and get bitches and girls. somebody has to see it like this.

the song is not so bad, fits in a bit cracy way the mood.

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-23-2009

so new day. work is waiting. but first some stories. i met some of the halvsie girls here around, germany and austria. and a lot of them are bomb. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' /> .

some are not, but also very nice. i got the impression, that they have some astringency. i do not wonder... but i like that!!! <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/inlove.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lover:' /> i can understand that this shit makes you hard. some a bit insecure, but if everything works correct, they get also strong peronalities.

its a bit hard at the moment, but you and me are capable of a lot. and we still, ok me for sure, enjoy this europe. I AM LOVING IT

hope we see a lort of halvsie couples too. because what would better fit, what sould be more right. we haves some allready, and it works ok <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/happy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='^_^' />

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-25-2009

he apropos. did you know, that some jimmy cho made it to some placebo lyrics. some are this way written some are that. i always singe it along with cho. sound half chinese.

The call to arms was never true

Time to imbibe here’s to you

I’ll tell you stories bruised and blue

Of drum machines and landslides

Just one more round before we’re through

More psychedelic yuppie flu

It’s such a silly thing to do

Now we’re stuck on rewind

Let’s follow the cops back home

Follow the cops back home

Let’s follow the cops back home

And rob their houses

The call to arms was never true

Let’s take a ride and push it through

Suspended animation glue

Blame it on apartheid

Let’s spend the night in [color="#FF0000"]Jimmy cho[/color]

I’ll give you coats and cheap shampoo

I’ll give you nothing else to do

Now we’re stuck on rewind

Let’s follow the cops back home

Follow the cops back home

Let’s follow the cops back home

And rob their houses

Let’s follow the cops back home

Follow the cops back home

Let’s follow the cops back home

and rob their houses

The call to arms was never true

I’m medicated, how are you?

Let’s take a dive, swim right through

Sophisticated points of view

Let’s follow the cops back home

Follow the cops back home

Let’s follow the cops back home

And rob their houses

Let’s follow the cops back home

Follow the cops back home

Let’s follow the cops back home

And rob their houses

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-25-2009

you know i live in an area with some racist background. but thats ok, cause this is way i was born. racisme not so bad. german empire and japanese empire, with all this flags. we have non. just party. thats really sensless end dumb.

you know, but i know a lot about this thing. this is not racisme, this is fear and somehow the feeling to be weak, what they are not. and some ethology. but i know some things about it. hahah. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />

people are afraid about things like this. good that there are so few out in this world. so thats not the problem. and halvsies are normaly not that prosperous. but cool canny, depends on the background. everybody fits in the thing he is. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/wink2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Wink' />

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-25-2009

hope halvis never push to high. about a B or here in europe a 2. never search a land, cause its cool this way. and stay few. and not coward. or detached.

but thats difficult in such environments. but maybe only my reality.

he this is very funny and pathetic...hahah

being a halvsie is bomb wow - q-she - 11-25-2009

you know here mixed people are called nothing. maybe "mischling" what has the word "me" and "schling" in it. better say i am a "mebrett" what has the word "me" and "berede" in it. and the word "rett"

mabe only very whity german speakers understand this.

lets take this very dumb example. germane means something like "g" "er" "mann" "e"

i do not know why a lot of people do not get this. but i do not really care. cause, this whole thing is just fond. just made out of fun, and interest.