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Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - hapadeity - 11-13-2009

seems like every other week on the net theres news about divorced japanese foreign couples having issues with child custody and in cases child abductions by one of the parents. i'm not surprised by this. take into account that japanese/ foreign couples aren't primarily based on close personal strong bonding relationships but rather a racial one, kinda like how dog owners choose their furry companions by specific breeds.

btw as a proud liberal and a proud hafu, i'm all for japanese female, foreign men relationships so don't get me wrong but i just wish that their relationships would be based on something other than their race, so i think you'd see a lot less situations like these if they do, it would really help the kids out too.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - doorknobdeity - 11-13-2009

"seems like"

there are many things wrong with your post but let's start with your methodology

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - q-she - 11-14-2009

i think it is not ok. women think like this, cause they do not know whats like to be a man. men fight each other and have competition. and different types of men in one area, means a lot of social tenseness. i realized asian women like whitys. i know. but...

Comme si j'n'existais pas means, without you- i do not exist. genetically. so the asian women should not jump around like bitches. either the bitches do not exist.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - q-she - 11-14-2009

you know,we are halvsies, and no blooded idiots. we know what it is like. the blooded, just do not know what it means to go in a relationship, where both of the couple speak another language. they are just fascinated of someting the do not understand, but admire. if you go in such a marriage, you do not really know if the other person is an idiot or not, cause, you do not understand the culture. you know, this first generation, go into a country, they think they are very smart. yes. in their country... but they do not know what it is like, to grow up there.

i explain it like this, total ratinally.

last time, i spoke with a friend, where i grew up:

it was raining. he said, what a fucking climate.

but a person from another country thinks...whooo how beautiful , but for people who grew up here, it stais a fucking climate.

backa osucker.

i think, a lot of different x chromosoms causes a lot of sozial tension and hatred. sure, some thigs do evolution.

but you should really know, what it means what it means, to go in such a marriage. at least, that you should know.

the same with the job situation, the cultural understanding, and the natural racism ( i drink asahi, and you drink heineken)

i say, dick is not everything, although i have a dicktator.

i know maybe this works in the american culture, cause it is built up like this, but others not.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - q-she - 11-14-2009

you know, this blooded fist generation, when, they are young, they want to get in a adventure. ok. american dream or something else. but they are simply blind. we sould nearly save this idiots.

and we have the problems, to fight it troug, what we do. hardcore.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - Matthew Ota - 11-14-2009

My father, a Nisei, married a white woman. But since both came from abusive backgrounds, the marriage failed. Mother suffered mental illness and breakdowns frequently and Pop got tired of it. So he split when I was 10.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - AlexanderMinoru - 11-14-2009

When I read things like this I always get the impression that the women in these relationships experience something very similar to what is known as the "Paris-Syndrome". A romantisation of a certain place (Paris) or a certain race (seeking overseas marriage partner), the road towards it, the dissapointment and then the disastrous ending that leaves the subjects with the traumatisation of the dissapointment contrary to the extremely high and idealized expectations. Only with the marriage, the bothersome presence of children makes this an ugly matter for the involved parties.

I think hapadeity/gettonikkei got the point here, but I think the hight divorce rate and kidnappings among the Japanese-foreign mariages aren't nessecarily a bad sign. At least it shows that they aren't that hesitative to divorce when they feel the need to do it, and it shows the social acceptance of divorce is rising in Japan. I have known other mixed asians like half Koreans and Taiwanese, and their mothers often could not face the shame of divorce in front of their families so they stayed in unhappy/abusive mariages. It's true that superficiality of racial attraction is a considerable part in Japanese-foreign relationships but the more people hear about dramas like kidnappings, the less romantisation is there about marriages like this. I think while mutual attraction without the racial element as a main motive can work to some degree, maybe stories like these help to raise awareness about what many marriages like these really are: A sexualized form of the Paris syndrome.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - q-she - 11-15-2009

long time, i wondered how my parents met each other. it seems, that woman jump around, and make men compet each other. they break out, bitch around, and look who saves them. and in a multicultural society this causes a lot of tension. maybe the americans are used to this, but i think for example europe, or japan cant really deal with this. well, the muslim just put their woman under this fog.

i think some women are unsatisfied with their man, or cant get someone. or man and woman from diffenert cultures admire each other. or its just about money. and we are the output. and damm most of us are cool. hahahah but i also like the not so cool ones. some are ugly, some are cute.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - q-she - 11-15-2009

the realy bestthing is. you know my father is japanese. i do not know, but a lot of our fraction like this... their parents splittet up. i thougt about it. you know what. first they meet. and everyting is fine in bed. but after giving birth... lets say it direcly the vagina is wider, and they think the woman cheat on one partner. you know this paranoia and jealousy. but we are cool.

then it goes on. we come to school, and the other pupils do not know how to deat with it. "are we better?" i would say we know some things they do not. we get some discrimination. andsome make it. some feellike suicide. but sometimes thats ok.

you know, we have in the german area a jodling japanese.

he got some kids. and his daughter commited suicide. i am very sad about her. RIP. buts like this. i think she shoudnt have commited suicide. she shoud have met us.

i also realized, when i look at the people in the city. when foraigners come, girls get total excyted. the follow them. either they get an foreigner, or they get saved, by one good one of their one man.

i could lough. but i am also allready grown up, and 26. i still do not give a shit. damm it feels good to be a halvsie. hahaha

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - q-she - 11-15-2009

river runs red, and i mean it litarally.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - q-she - 11-15-2009

in the last time i thougt a lot about it. cause i get adult.

for example. this jesus. you know, maria was somewher in egypt. then she came back. and gave birth. what does that mean???? come on bitches. but we do not live 2000 years ago. but i think jesus, just should have pushed some people down, then this shit would not have happend.

you know, when we appear, the grand parents and old people are not used to it. they think we get outcasted. but shit we do.

they have never felt the pushes of our fists of us halvsie. i think jesus just should have gave his neighbous some uppercuts. and slightly bully this seniors. then everyting is fine. come on, are we gay???

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - IATrainer - 11-15-2009

It isn't just mixed race couples getting divorced, couples in general, are having trouble staying together in many places. Sure, some cultural differences and issues will be there and nationality issues will be present when both parties come from different countries. I also think that couples get together with a romanticized idealism of what each person might be like and can make for more difficulties in the relationship.

In divorce, the kids do suffer and that is the worst part about it. I think in general, people need to open their eyes and use their brains in choosing mates instead of just relying on infatuation/attraction/love, because when it comes down to your daily interaction, communication, beliefs etc... the other things will begin to extinguish if you are unable to work/communicate together on a daily basis.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - q-she - 11-15-2009

i admit i must have been really difficult, 2000 years ago to be a mixed goody. you know woman what to know what is is like, to be with you. they want to check it out. but now we have the 1000...5000 case. some of us are ok, and some are not. it is like this. i think we cause some missunderstanding. but i do not care.

i understand it like this. you know, this jesus, i think maria *hahaha* thought he is very smart, and what i know, jesus went to school and learnd hardcore the old bible. nerd. and then he searched around, never had a girlfriend. beeing like this makes you in some cases very tough. also being another type of male, in a country with other, different types of male.

i think in some cases, he was stronger then the others. run around, pushed the people, and the best thing is, he never married. WTF. ok this people in ancient times were a bit dumb. All

then this shit isral broke down, they had to go, and all became bastars. yea hahah. cause if you look at the genes of jews they are very mixed. and good mixes, cause they had money. if you have to go to other countrys, you get really smart. you have to be hard. they were everywhere, cause they searched. but stayed in contact. good information system.

well ok. but i do not live 2000 years ago. i understand it like this. but i do not give a shit. lets chill, and enjoy life.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - number9 - 11-16-2009

About half the marriages (mostly within the same race/ethnicity) in the US ends in divorce, right? And if divorce laws were looser and culture more ingrained, there'd probably be a higher divorce rate in Japan (and other countries) too. So, is the Japanese international marriage divorce rate higher than usual? If so, by how much?

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - doorknobdeity - 11-16-2009

let me refer you to a couple of sensationalist news stories, only then can you have a deep understanding of the complexities underlying the problem

also q-she you've got some major issues with women, ease the hell up

Quote:Comme si j'n'existais pas means, without you- i do not exist. genetically. so the asian women should not jump around like bitches. either the bitches do not exist.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - q-she - 11-16-2009

well thank you. the thing is i am a halvsie with an japanese father. and i do whole the time whity girls. i do them in social life an in puff.

some wrote here, taht asian gays cant get white girls. for me that is total bullshit. fact is, that you are used to the type of girls you are used to. i think asian boys just htink that they cant get white girls. for me, they just have to much respect, cause they do not know them from childhood on.

i tell you the solution if you really want this. one has to loose the respect from whoman, and after this they have to learn to deal with them. so asian guys do not know them and treat them with respect. i can tell you, why make things complicated, when they also work in an easy way. go somtimesx to the bordell. do some whity girls. and you loose the respect. if you really want this.

damm i have no problems with women. i am just fucke up.

i also get the impression that asian woman see whytis in the tv. for example this shit last samurai. tom cruise is the good one. and they think he is the best, cause women are in some cases a bit dumb. i am half, but to be honest. we know what is it like...

for example. if a white goes to japan ore a japanese to europe. he is fascinated by the culture, cause he just does not understand it. they want some adventure. the food does tast interesting.

but he did not grow up there. you know. there is nature people are used to some vitamins and ingredians in the food, they need. on this part of the plant this grows, and man need this or that.

i expalin it total rationally to you. when our ancesters enterd such a fuckin forest, or area in ancient times. some could deal with this or that plant and some not. the other slowly died. so if an eurpean or an american comes to japan, or an japanese to europe or america, he just does not know what is like to grow up there. he is just in adventure mood and blind.

an other example. alcohol.

in europe, where the whites ( i am also half white) evoluted. there was no good whater because of morass, and the whater was undrinkable. so they brewd some vegetables and appels etc, and drank slight alcohol. and on and on people who could deal with it lived, and who could not died out.

in asia the had also morass, undrincable whater, and they cooked it and made tea.

nowadys all the japanese drink a lot of alcohol, and half of them can not deal with it. you know, some things are just not ok.

you know the white do it like this. who can take it lives, who can not take it die.

but i do not think the asian do it like this.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - beebs - 11-16-2009

Quote:i thougt about it. you know what. first they meet. and everyting is fine in bed. but after giving birth... lets say it direcly the vagina is wider, and they think the woman cheat on one partner. you know this paranoia and jealousy. but we are cool.

ah, yes. the old loose vag problem. we bitches do fear that men will notice the looseness of our vaginas after birth and accuse us of cheating. just as we fear that a large turd will cause the looseness of our assholes to invoke the same paranoia. that is why we are forced to look for bigger and bigger dicks to fill our increasingly flabby, stretchy vaginas and save our fragile reputations.

thing is, i'm just so tired of you men respecting us all the time.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - q-she - 11-16-2009

the list goes on.

you know they alwasy talk about racim. i realiced thats natural. cause, i hafe an japanese x chromosom.

whites( well i am also half white ok...) hold togehter their society, by giving orders with face and moves. you know what i mean. they look down, they look up. they do this finger, and this move. asian simply do not do this. they really have it in their blood, to give people orders with this moves, and hold together their society. this is why they needed all this slaves. they are just like this. but i am simply no good slave, cause i fucking often do not what he want to tell me. well. i also give some orders. *finger to the ear* *g* ( i also play a lot of moves , thats to say at least).

well japanese have different moves. you know this is called ethology. well, the white also have a very very hard life ;( <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' /> *cry*

lets listen to "white tras beautiful from everlast"

last time i whatched a japanese hip hop video

"made in japan" with muro and twigy. for me it seems, in one passage he tells me, that he thinks all the others have stupid faces. thats right, cause male japanese do not understand this, if they are not grown up abrought like me or you. the white moves are simply differnt and playd with unconcios mind. i think also the japanese are totally like this.

i also get the impression, cause i have an japanese x chromosom, some otehr males try to push me down unconciously. then i push them total down. but itill do not want a girlfriend from them.

sick. i think they smell ma japanes x chromosom, try to push me down, and fuck some japanes bitches. now i know, why japan was totaly closed for 600 years. an i also understand why north korea is shut. cause asian woman push so hard to get an white man. and well asian man pull down whites, but do not often marry whity woman.

i think white nd asian people should go differnt ways cause:

i think it is like this, here in europe we have an own film indutry like in cannnes france. last time i whated one of this films the white ribbon.

i think this ribbon exist. the faugth a lot of wars. they entered the country of other whites, got victory and did some bitches. so they are quite mixed, in evey country.

i am also mixed, but i am sad for the pure japanese, cause, they are not part of this ribbons. they simpy do not have something to to with them.

for me it seems, that this ribbon exist. cause they lead a lot of wars against each other.

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - q-she - 11-16-2009

lets go on, last time, i saw an documentary about japan in the german tv. they went to the japanes countryside and looked at some of the old farm houses in japan. the male japanes shoed him the building, tryed to explan the white, but he did not understand it. the white was totally agressiv. to bring it to the point, he wanted to push the male japanes and fuck some japanese bitche. ( you knwo in my understanding, bitch is poitivly connotated)

fact is, that i think they just do not understand it. wrong. the do not want to understand it. its like kindergarden. the want to destroy the other building.

mostly i do not care, but i grew up with whites. i cant ell that they are really bedder. they just cause troubles and sozial tension in asia.

and i look at it. japan does a lot of very cool things, that want be there anymore. like good food etc...

Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work. - q-she - 11-16-2009

to complet it. the japanese from the countryside told the whity, ok the kids are all in the city. cause countryside seems not to be distiguished. i got the impression, that japan looses slowly his "roots". but you know what it is like. if someone looses his roots, something gets in a "vague" position.

lets go further. i am here in europe, have my life, and what must i here. japanese male are getting more and more femin. life at home etc.

i read that jpanese woman are very attracted by whites. and produces you know, most of your sorts of halvsies. not mine. WTF

i understand that it seems white guays like asian woman, ok and i here asian woman have at the moment an advanage in most cases in our times. other man from different like cause they are small. ok. well.

an example. last time i met an japanes with his girlfriend. i tryed to attac him, he did nothing, and the japanes bitch loughed. well i wanted to attac him a bit, but i think as an male, he has a unfaithful girl on his side, who thinks everyone i beeter them him and i am the king i come from europe. WTF <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/crazy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':crazy:' />

the older i get, the more i loose respect for woman, what does not mean i am evil. i am a quite nice guy.