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Your username and password - MiraiZ - 07-16-2005

Hi all.

This is a guideline about your username and password. Please read carefully.


-Consider your username as your permanant identity on Names often tell a lot about a person , and people will get to know you by your username, so you should carefully choose a one that best fits you.

-Unless circumstances warrant it, please consider the username that you have chosen to be permanant. In other words, they will not be changed unless you have a good reason.

-Name changes will be considered only under the following circumstances:

a. The name is considered to be offensive.
b. The name is too confusing or too hard to remember.
c. The name is too similar to that of another active user's name and difficult for others to distinguish you from another member. (eg. John1 and Jon1)
d. Case changes or removal of numbers from name (eg. from jOhN to John or John1 to John).

-Other situations may be considered on a case by case basis, but for the most part, please consider the name that you have chosen, to be yours as long as you are a member here.

If you have a strong desire or need to have your username changed, you must PM or email an Admin (Saren, Number9, or MiraiZ) with a VERY good reason as to why your name should be changed. Please note that all descisions are made at our discretion and are FINAL.


-Always keep your password secure!!

If you are using a shared computer at school or work, net cafe, or even at home, you may not want to have your password stored on your computer.

-Never give your password to other people on or offline. Remember, people who have access to your profile, may also have access to your personal info such as your email address and pictures, and can use your account for malicious purposes.

-If you lose your password, please don't ask an admin or moderator to reset it unless you have lost access to your associated e-mail account too. Passwords can be resetted from the login screen. It will guide you through a secure way of resetting your password by sending instructions to your email account. This is to ensure your identity and to prevent malicious use of your profile by someone who may have accessed your account without your knowledge.

Thanks Admin