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Japanese Rhymes - Dominique - 05-07-2005


Namamugi, Namagome, Namatamago.

Japanese Rhymes - Nez - 05-07-2005

Crap, my

beautiful thread has been wiped. Nobody took an interest in it anyway. [Image: rolleyes.gif]

Japanese Rhymes - Dominique - 05-07-2005


didn't even write anything in


となり の きあくは よ&

#12367;かき くう きやくだ。


#12358;きよう とうきよう きよう&


ほうず が じよう&

#12378;に びようぶに ぼうずのえ&

#12377; かいた。

Can someone tell me if this makes sense? One of my

students wrote it out for me, but her pencil writing kind of sucks. Poor Old Lady!

Japanese Rhymes - Nez - 05-08-2005

I did write

something but then it got deleted in December! Grrr.

Japanese Rhymes - yumi - 05-11-2005

バス ガス ばくはつ

Japanese Rhymes - Yugen a.k.a. Willy - 05-12-2005

ことわざ けど いいかな??

oni no me ni mo namida
it means
demons also have

what means
even if a person is cold-hearted like a demon,he/she still can be a nice person from time

to time....I think that's enough,why ban everything you dislike,you should embrace all,get straight


Japanese Rhymes - Marisuke - 05-12-2005

Rome was not

built in a day