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Don Wakamatsu - samuraifiction - 11-22-2008

Anyone heard of Don Wakamatsu? Well, he is the first Asian-American to become a manager in major league baseball history. An epic moment for all Asian-Americans, not to mention us halvsies. Congratulations to Don! YES WE CAN!

Here's a link to the story:

Don Wakamatsu becomes the first Asian-American manager in Major League History

Don Wakamatsu - yamapikko - 11-22-2008

Yes! And I hope the Mariners will have a better season next year! Last season they were so...bad.

Don Wakamatsu - Matthew Ota - 11-30-2008

I am now a fan of an American League Baseball team. Do your best, Don.

Don Wakamatsu - gh3tt0nikkei - 12-01-2008


But man the mariners sucked hard last season.