Poll: Do you use your Japanese parent's name and your birth name on meishi?
I use my given name only.
I use my mother's Japanese maiden name.
I use my father's Japanese name.
I use my mother's (not Japanese) maiden name
I use another family name.
I use the Japanese name before the non-Japanese last name.
I use the non-Japanese name before the Japanese name.
I use my born name only, even though it does not indicate any Japanese.
I use my Japanese name only, even though it does not indicate my other family lineage.
I use my First, middle, and Last name only.
I never indicate that I am part Japanese to avoid confusion in Euro-Caucasian cultures.
I never indicate that I am part from another non-Japanese culture.
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めいし -おなまえ わしい
Check as many boxes as are applicable to you in the above poll.

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I'm making up my biz. card, mostly for U.S. use (though it may go around a small group of Japanese). I'm unsure what the best "Halvsie" way is to handle the use of the Japanese family name.

I have written なまえ・ my name line that reads :

<!--sizeo:4--><!--/sizeo-->菊地<!--sizec--><!--/sizec--> (の) 二ール アンジラ

Is the use of の acceptable or inappropriate? Í haven't seen anything that handles this matter.
I'm wondering what other Halvsies do in this situation.
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