Poll: Do you use your Japanese parent's name and your birth name on meishi?
I use my given name only.
I use my mother's Japanese maiden name.
I use my father's Japanese name.
I use my mother's (not Japanese) maiden name
I use another family name.
I use the Japanese name before the non-Japanese last name.
I use the non-Japanese name before the Japanese name.
I use my born name only, even though it does not indicate any Japanese.
I use my Japanese name only, even though it does not indicate my other family lineage.
I use my First, middle, and Last name only.
I never indicate that I am part Japanese to avoid confusion in Euro-Caucasian cultures.
I never indicate that I am part from another non-Japanese culture.
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めいし -おなまえ わしい
Working for a corporation has the benefit of stability (or the illusion of stability, depending on where you work). When you know you've got a giant corporate structure supporting the system, little issues are less likely to cause something so dramatic as to leave you on the street without a job. Not always the case, but certainly less so than being self-employed.

I, too, identify myself by what branch I am calling from, then state my name. The problem is that when I say, 「おはようございます。(会社名)アメリカの(自分の名前)です。」 (Ohayougozaimasu. (Company name) America no (my name) desu), they don't expect it... at least, not in Japanese. So, it throws them for yet another loop, which makes things all the more of a pain in the ass. Not to mention we don't get dual-sided business cards, so I can't have my name written in Japanese, so when I meet new clients/associates/whatever, I have to spent extra time teaching them how to pronounce my name. Ah well, what can you do?

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