Poll: Do you use your Japanese parent's name and your birth name on meishi?
I use my given name only.
I use my mother's Japanese maiden name.
I use my father's Japanese name.
I use my mother's (not Japanese) maiden name
I use another family name.
I use the Japanese name before the non-Japanese last name.
I use the non-Japanese name before the Japanese name.
I use my born name only, even though it does not indicate any Japanese.
I use my Japanese name only, even though it does not indicate my other family lineage.
I use my First, middle, and Last name only.
I never indicate that I am part Japanese to avoid confusion in Euro-Caucasian cultures.
I never indicate that I am part from another non-Japanese culture.
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めいし -おなまえ わしい
My given English name is all I use on my meishi. I have a Japanese name (my middle name), but nobody uses it, so I don't bother. Though, since my name is fairly hard to pronounce by Japanese, I often debate switching to my Japanese name and use my mom's maiden name =\

It's particularly a pain in the ass when calling headquarters in Tokyo. Just about everyone there knows me, but it usually takes a few tries before they realize who it is they are talking to and get my name right...

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