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My first published song! ...sorta :D

So, one of my coworkers writes j-pop lyrics as a side job and does translations every once in a while. She's been asking me to help out on a few songs, and this one came down the pipeline and she knew that it was one of my favorite songs, so I volunteered to translate it. The singer, Beni, is basically doing English covers of famous Japanese songs... and I couldn't say no to this one. It's not *all* me (my coworker and I went back and forth with rewrites), but good enough! Not sure if I'm going to get any credits on it, though... Oh, and I did the "guide vocals" for the artist, too (meaning, I recorded me singing the song so she would know how the words fit the melody.)

Here's the preview! It goes on sale 3/21...
Welcome back hapacheese. As you can see, things are very barren here these days without you and maeku keeping the boards active.

Anyways, very cool that you contributed to the song - I had no idea there was even a production out there consisting entirely of 'localizing' Japanese songs into English. Interesting concept, I may need to hunt down some songs to see how their English counterparts sound.
Hey Retishi! Yeah, I noticed that it seems to be a bit quiet. Wish I could post more often, but work's been super busy and I barely have any time at home with the baby and all =\ Still, good to see a few familiar names!

As for localization of songs, I honestly don't think it's all that common, but this one just happened to fall into my lap due to my coworker. She had worked on a song for Boys II Men last year, but it was a short deadline and arrived just after my baby was born, so I didn't get in on that one <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' /> Still, it's not like I'm getting credit or money for this just yet (I was doing it to help her out), but who knows? Maybe if I do this a couple more times, I can turn it into some extra pocket cash.
With our parent company in Japan merging with another company that's more focused on music and other forms of entertainment rather than just games, this J-music to E scene is something I'm going to have to watch a lot more closely now. I may need to ask you for some advice later on this topic...

I'll assume no chance of you being at OPS this year with no new hardware on the horizon, which sounds like a good thing considering how busy you've been between work and the new addition to the family.

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