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looking for more repeat japanese phrases like
i love these rhyming expressions! and i am sure there are several more....

please provide english translation too!!!

domo arigato!!

and also interested in idiomatic expressions like the one about shirone
("if i sit here long enough i'll take root like shirone" ??... something like that?)

its gonna take us americanized halvsies awhile to learn japanese but if we start w the expressions and fun words it won't take <i>as</i> long! [Image: happy.gif]

[Image: satisfied.gif]
hey, maybe this thread

will help you a bit already? It's messed up, but I'm going to fix it right away, so you can read through all the onomatopeia that were posted already. [Image: smile.gif]
how do you say "once upon a time?" or something like that? i remember reading in one of my dad's "how to learn japanese" books some fairy tales, and they started off with something like, "musashi musashi" or something.
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"mukashi mukashi" meaning literally "long long ago"

fairytale is "mukashi banashi" (= old story)
toki doki
Ha ha ha! I like this thread. How about monku monku monku. Complain, complain, complain.

I like saying hitobito, people. It's a fun word. Then there's raku raku, relax.

There's also a song about being in the rain with your mom, "pichi, pichi, chappu, chappu, ran, ran, ran" I like that one. I think they are talking about the sound feet make in puddles.

Then there are the words for private parts. I won't elaborate on those. It helps if you have kids relating to repeat phrases. Baby talk seems to have a lot of those. Bu bu (bottle), mam mam (food), ningy ningy (clenching and opening fist), of course there's ha ha and tchi tchi, ba ba is grandma.

Okay, that's enough baby talk.

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