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stupid question...
...but how do i cancel my cellphone contract? i know i'd have to go to a docomo/au/vodaphone shop, but what do i actually say there in japanese? i know i could somehow explain that i don't want the phone anymore and they'll probably figure what i want, but what's the proper way in japanese to tell them to "cancel the contract and suspend the phone"?
<!--quoteo(post=134533:date=Jan 14 2006, 01:41 AM:name=gaijin)-->QUOTE(gaijin @ Jan 14 2006, 01:41 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}><!--quotec-->kaiyakushitai desukeredomo...

kaiyaku - cancellation

i remember when i was making my kaiyaku, i didn't have enough money to pay. i had only dollars. and it was saturday, and no bank was working (5p.m.)... that was smth!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

It is kaiyakushitai NO desukeredomo


You need to use の。

I wonder why many people have difficulty with particles. I still have trouble explaning why, and I still lack the competence of understanding grammar in a logical fashion. This prevents me from being able to effectively explain the rules to others in Japanese. I feel like the blind leading the blind, as my Japanese is terrible also.

「この電話、もう飽きた。切ってちょ。』 でいいと思う。

"Kono denwa, mou akita. Kiite chiyo!"
Cute and friendly. Must try it one day.

Also want to try:


"Mou iranee kara kaiyaku wo shite kero. Yoropiku."
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