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NHK pests
For those who live in Japan, I'm sure you've run into them at least once. Yup, the pesty NHK people who insist that you need to pay them even though:

a. You don't watch NHK
b. You've never subscribed to NHK
c. You don't want NHK

How have you handle these people?
I'm not a real actor, but I play one on TV.
hehe... I have a funny story about this topic!!

Last year while I was in Japan, the NHK collection guy came by and I was home alone...

So I pretended not to speak any japanese or english at all to get out of paying [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laughlong.gif[/img]

He didn't quite believe me.... but you can't really challenge someone on that, now can you??
Only happened to me once while I was living there. I told the guy I had just moved to Japan and hadn't gotten a TV yet.
I have a video phone to the apt. entrance but I answer and just say not interested. Or say my parents arent home or something like that. I have never paid and dont intend to. ARgggg..

MiraiZ: you are in yokohama?? me too!!
For those who don't know what NHK is, they are a TV channel, like any other channel that usually provides educational programming or IMO propaganda for the LDP. Although any TV with an antenna or cable attached to it can receive their programming for free (or without you consciously subscribing to it) they claim to be a billable service (like gas, water, and electricity). For this, they usually send out little old men with white construction hats to walk around people's neighborhoods and look for either a cable dish or TV antenna somewhere on your house. This is the only way that they can tell if you own a TV or not. If they see on, they'll usually ring you up and solicit money from you by telling you that you need to pay for their services whether you watch it or not.

Here is how I have handled NHK people in the past:

1. I tell them that I have no interest in NHK programming and therefore do not watch it, and they can feel free to cancel my service at any time. <i>They'll usually respond that by law you are required to pay NHK if you have a TV and are connected to a public TV circuit, and the service cannot be cancelled</i>

2. I would usually respond by asking the NHK person if they would pay for something that they didn't ask for, subscribe to, or use. <i>They usually will say the Japanese thing, and say that EVERYONE does it and that I should too. To which I smirk at once they realize I don't conform to what EVERYONE does.

3. If all that doesn't work, I usually tell them to either produce a written contract that I had agreed to, that states that I am obligated to pay the bill. Furthermore, I would tell them that in addition to contract, I need a written notice or set of instructions that I can follow to cancel my subscription so that I don't get billed for it anymore. <i>Of course, they are going to say that there is no contract and no way to cancel the subscription, because there is no subscription or contract to begin with.</i>

4. I would then tell them that without either pieces of documents, that for all I know he's just some con going from door to door trying to collect money from any sucker who is ignorant enough to pay it, and that if he feels strongly about me having to pay the so-called NHK bill, he should send me a bill in the mail with my name on it and a method of how I can pay it as well as a method of disputing it.

By this point they usually give up and move on. I haven't been bothered by NHK in nearly 5 years now. Quick note, there is a law that says that you are obligated to pay NHK if you do use the public or private cable provider. However, their method of billing is illegal and they know it, so they cannot enforce it. If they really want to bill people for their crappy programming then they need to start regulating theirs signal by scrambling their signals like all of the other pay channels and bill people who actually subscribe and watch their crap.
I'm not a real actor, but I play one on TV.
hehe on a side note when I was younger I loved watching NHK, I loved there 15 mins shows, I think nobo was my favorite he was the guy that made stuff out of nothing
Maybe it's just in my area, but NHK has stopped sending collectors around to cut costs and is instead asking for people to pay on their own accord. Sounds about right to me, they probably waste lots of money anyways.
Japanese hockey, Asian sports and whatnot:

I've personally never really felt this to be a major problem, since we do watch (and pay) while we live in Japan - some of the programming is definitely preferable to the inane drivel that is so often on the minpou channnels. Also, we do watch the BS/BS-hi channels (mainly the music programs). But they seem to have stopped sending the collectors around in most areas (I saw a little commercial-like thing saying they've stopped).

Incidentally, we cancelled our subscription yesterday, so they do have forms for this, and they do send them to you upon request, i.e. when moving.

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