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Photo Posting Guidelines
Posting pictures is a fun and quick way to share yourself with others. However, please keep these guidelines in mind anytime you post a picture at

1. Keep it clean! Pornography, violance, nudity, gore is unacceptable. If you feel a strong need to share a photo that displays questionable material, please post a link to the photo (as opposed to the photo itself) with a clear warning that the material being displayed is questionable and should not be viewed by all.

2. Privacy is an important issue! Not everyone wants their pictures on the web, especially in a public forum. When posting pictures of friends or relatives, please make sure that it is with their consent.

3. Have respect for others and their privacy. Please do not repost pictures found here in other forums or websites without the consent of the owner of the photo.

4. As a suggestion, and for your own protection, please post private photos in the members area only. This will ensure that only members of will be viewing your photos.

5. As a show of respect for others, please do not alter or photochop photos posted by other members without their consent, as this may be offensive to the owner of the photo(s).

6. Please note that not everyone who is accessing is on broadband (fast connection). Whenever possible, please resize large photos to a respectable size so that everyone can enjoy them without sucking up bandwidth.

7. Finally, remember that photos are suppose to be a fun thing and posting photos is encouraged. So please use your common sense and have fun.
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