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A Thousand Words
probaly happens all the time, pretty interesting film tho. haha I couldnt take pics like that of a random stranger tho I would get totally embarrassed if I got caught
^ In the context of this film it seems kinda sweet. But in real life, if it was a guy taking photos of women on the train wouldn't he be considered quite creepy?
Unfortunately, he probably would be. I'm afraid of taking photos of girls because I have a fear that people will think I'm a creepy stalker. Anyone else feel the same?
I think I have a fear of people i don't know popping up in my pictures... like maybe they'll be offended or thing I'm a creep.
I think if you're *only* taking pictures of women, then yeah, it's creepy. But if you're obviously taking a few pictures, then why not? Some people may not like it, but others may be flattered.

By the way, beautiful short film. Things like this are why I love minimalistic storytelling and short stories. Leaves so much to the imagination, and yet, so rich in story in and of itself.

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