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Who do you think is the most famous halvsie??
cuz reality would just be too boring to watch eh.

it's funny how quickly we've reached conclusion in this thread.
Japanese hockey, Asian sports and whatnot:

i know this is off topic but why did sean lennon have to do the "chodoii" car commercial??
its makes him look like an idiot with his accent.. [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/unsure.gif[/img] hes higher profile than a silly car commercial!
I think he's trying to promote his music. Probably Yoko Ono wanted him to promote in Japan first. She's a real wack job...imo
I'm not a real actor, but I play one on TV.
Why is she a wack job?
She broke up the Beatles?

Her singing is something else?
I'm witchu, GH....'wack job' would be defined by her singing(?) and the rest of her so-called personality. Artist my ass.
[color="#0000FF"]Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak....or in some cases, post.[/color]
Apparently avant-garde in the Sixties......

73bonneville, when translated from sixties does that mean she was out of her tiny gourd flying in a diamond encrusted sky (a very clumsy Beatles allusion)....
Ann Curry - is a true class act. I would say she is the most famous with the most air time without a close second in the US.

Hines Ward - I'm glad he was mentioned even though he is half Korean and I thought this forum was about half Japanese either way he definitely should be mentioned since he is one of the most famous (and talented) players in the NFL which is the most popular sport in the US. He will be in the Hall of Fame, which is a HUGE accomplishment.

Sean Lennon - Could never live up to he name and being the son of John and Yoko. Though who cares...does he really need it. He will live more comfortable and wealthy than 99% of anyone else on this planet. I haven't heard of him doing anything stupid in the limelight so I guess that is his big plus. Just stay out of trouble and don't give other Half Japanese people a bad name.

Yoko Ono - Not only didn't break up the Beatles and one would have to be out of their mind to think a spouse would break up a band. If John wanted to do solo stuff then that was on him and the rest of the band didn't have to break up. As you may have seen maybe a few time before in music history bands CAN and DO go on without all original members ie. Pete Best.

Let's say even if she did....then was that so bad? I think John Lennon came out with some of his best music and political awareness once he was with Yoko. Blaming Yoko and talking bad about her just falls into the Japan bashing that was going on at the time which I had hoped was over by now.

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