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Full Version: AOK in New Orleans
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Peter and I evacuated to Abbeville, LA
and had a beautiful "hurrication" in the country

we're back in NO and might have to go again, tho Ike is looking a little less ominous now for NO

okay, over and out!!

Delia Nakayama

Glad to hear it, out though, it looks like the friggin' things are lining up out at sea...
Thanks for the update, and continue to take care, Delia!
I am glad to hear you are doing okay,
And even more glad to hear you had a nice "hurrication" !

Best Wishes
Thanks for your kind wishes!!

I'll keep you posted!!

Delia [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif[/img]
ike is blasting through but the french quarter seems okay
lots of wind and rain

now heading for TX

hope the TX halvsies have gotten out of dodge!!

more later ~