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Full Version: Flying to Korea from Tokyo
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question for you Japan based halvsies.

How much is a ticket usually from Tokyo - Seoul? I`m looking to travel anytime between March and June for a couple days to visit some friends but I`m not sure how much ticket prices usually are (ballpark figure). I heard there are deals as low as 15k Yen but not sure where to go for these

If you can recommend japanese websites or travel agents that would be appreciated too (expedia etc are a rip off for travel within Asia)!
There are heaps of cheap tours - that's how I usually travel in Japan.
I went to Korea with ANA Hello Tour a few years ago and I think it cost about 60, 000 YEN - this included pick up from the airport (Inchon) and hotel so it was an amazing deal.


ANA Hello Tour (on the left, just select the day and where you want to leave from - Haneda or Narita)


These tours are usually basic (hotel and some sightseeing) so if you want to do additional stuff, they're considered 'options.' Instead of signing-up for these 'options' you can just hang out with your friends?

yeah, there are flight-hotel package "tours" and those tend to be the best deals. when i went in november one year, it was only like 25000 yen for flight + 1 night stay in a cheap hotel in the seoul equivalent of kabukicho red light district [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif[/img] but that was partially because no one wants to visit korea in cold november.