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Moving to U.S. Towns
I'm starting this thread for people to share information about their hometown or city or places that they are moving to in the U.S. A. in some sense, this type of viewpoint does change the perception of an area; despite other individual interactions:

NY state requires a person to have their parent's birth certificate as proof of Race when applying for Minority owned business status; This is a problem for me since I am 1st generation and my mother was Japanese when I was born. I cannot meet their requirements on that. And, in the State of Pennsylvania where my mother resides; my use of any of her documents constitutes Elder abuse and identity theft. So, i cannot apply for loans that would have a potentially better interest rate or grant money.

Ithaca, Ny - Has low diversity, if any in the number of racial minority owned businesses.
There are over 1500 white owned businesses in Ithaca, NY & Tompkins County that include contractors and sole proprietorships. The "minority" owned businesses are owned by Foreigners who operate restaraunts (and such) without substantial legal competancy. IOW: they are not totally literate in the English language and other business owners "help" them.

Bucks County, PA - Has low diversity, however a high number of U.S. citizen & Woman & Minority businesses. There are women in Professional occupations who are <b>not</b> European/Caucasian bringing in income from $30,000 - $150,000+.

Please feel free to add to this list!

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I'm pretty sure you only need your own birth certificate, as it should state the ethnicity of your parents on it.

Page 12 confirms that.

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