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Cambodia (and a little Bangkok)
I'm headed to cambodia in a month-ish, w/a few days stopover in Bangkok. Has anyone been? Would looovve some advice, as I have no idea what to expect!! [Image: w00t.gif]

Where are the best places to go? What should I eat? etc.etc.
egs..... how long are you going for?

If you are in Penom Penh you can check out the Museum at the Palace and a few of the streets close by have are quite arty.....

Visit the local markets for all your konck-off gear, silks etc.... the russian market is just interesting to wander around...

Try a Cambodian massage... there's a place where all the masseurs/masseuses are blind..... a word of warning ask them to take it easy, other wise you'll know how bread feels after it's been kneaded.....

Plus just watch out and take care of yourself...... Cambodians are very friendly people but remember you are very wealthy compared to most of them (a lot Cambodians get by on $1 a day!) so don't flash your cash around!

Tuol Sleng is a gritty reminder of Cambodians vicious past..... it's the central prison that act as holding centre and torturing centre before prisonners were despatched to the "Killing Fields". It's worth a visit......

Angkor Wat IS A MUST SEE..... but really depends on the lenght of time you're in Cambodia.

Sihanoukville is the main port/beach resort, great place to chill out.

Bokor is worth seeing, an old hill station, where the French used to go to escape the heat.
wow, thanks for all the advice!! the goal of the trip is really to see cambodia (i'll be there for a full week), but i just tacked on an extra 3 days in Bangkok because it made sense w/my flights.

Angkor Wat is of course a must, and I've been considering Sihanoukville-- is it difficult to get to from Phnom Penh?

Also, what is Bokor like? (i'm not sure what hill station means... [Image: rolleyes.gif] )

INPUT pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeese!!!!!
most of my mother's coworkers are cambodian americans, and one of them sent her this email after my mama asked for travel advice for me. i thought it was pretty cute:

From: Kao, Susanna
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 1:22 PM
To: Grigg-Saito, Dorcas
Subject: safety trip

Hi Dorcas, I had spoke with them in Cambodia, they willing to take a very good of her if you don't any body to be with her. He told me what I had told you on that night. He also said that Just put gas and pay for what she eat and they both eat too, about the money he would never ask for give them what you feel like he only wants to help because I told him to do so. If you want, let me know I will asking him to prepare also he said if your daugter get off plane at Seim Riep that's ok too. Just let him know he will pick her up and tour her over at Seim Riep. Keep in touch if any thing I could help....


^ [Image: laughlong.gif] awwwwh, how sweet. You'll no doubt be well looked after.

I've only done the Angkor Wat thing, so can only offfer advice on Siem Riep and the overland route to and fro Bangkok. For a really good run-down on your travel options in 'Bodes, see this.

In Bangers itself, the cheapest place to stay is in the tie-dye-ghetto of Khao San Road. Interesting place, full of freaks and wannabe freaks, but it's not Thailand, hehe.

Have a great time. I'm so jealous! [Image: drool.gif]
I haven't been to Cambodia but hope to this next trip...Bangkok is quite a full on place, the first six times I stayed there I couldn't wait to get down to the islands but after I suspended my "must get town stuff done while I am in a town" mentality and just ate my way around, life was good.
any recs on where to stay?
Oh I forgot to mention in 2003 there wasn't an ATM (cash machine) in the whole of Cambodia..... I think there are some in Penom Penh now..... you can draw money from your cards at a bank (bring your passport).

In Sihanoukville I stay near Occeutenal? Beach.... paid $10-15 a night.....

In P-P I stayed with a mate near the French Social Centre (Lycee?)....

In Siem Riep stayed in a small guesthouse of the old market place..... quite close to a Japanese restaurant... with real live Japanese folk running it...
thanks for the tips!!
Hmmm, where to stay. Well, I've never booked anywhere when staying in Khao San Rd but if you want to stay somewhere else, it's quite good to stay on the monorail line, it's easy to get around. I have memory like a sieve, sorry, and can't remember any names...Bit unhelpful, I know.

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