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Which is your favorite place in Japan?
<!--coloro:#000080--><!--/coloro-->I was wondering.. we all come from different places around Japan.. lived in different places and visited too...

Which was was favorite spot, place in whole Japan?

I think to me it was the Amami islands and Yoron island in Particular.... I flew there via Kagoshima...

It was an amazing experience for me.. cause i also went to Kagoshima where the Satsuma-clan used to rule.. and I was told a lot about my Family, Shimazu...

Anyway.. Yoron was so tiny!! like 40 skm!!! it was March I think, yet was so warm that I went to the beaCH!! great coral reefs, GREAT PEOPLE MOST OF ALL!!!

The island is a sister island to Myconos.. one of the most famous Greek islands...

So how about u guys?

this site is actually built by a couple I met... they moved there permanently from Shizuoka <!--colorc-->

akasaka izumi

A small natural spring near my grandmothers house.
I always go and swim there when I am in Matsuyama [Image: smile.gif]
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[Image: satisfied.gif] I think I am going to be daydreaming every time I read this thread..

Since it's been such a long time, and I was a young guy, I have to go with Okinawa, as that was such a beautiful tropical place, and I had such a great time there.
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Definitely Kansai ... Osaka and Kyoto
i love the Omogo river in Shikoku! And also Kyushu's Aso area. Driving through there during the spring is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. But I also like really nonspecial places that are special to the small side street my friend's bar in Matsuyama is on. It's by the castle and it's on a small, dark street, but his bar is the only light that glows late at night and it always felt like a second home.
Although I live in Kawasaki, I always feel at home in Yokohama.
My mom was from Yokohama, I was born there... lotsa things to do there... Just love it.

Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya - all nice places, but Yokohama is definetly my "home"...
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hey maeku....ive been to yoron too! its extremely beautiful.

My favorite spot is Moon Beach Okinawa! That is paradise!

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