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who lives in london?
hi guys and not guys!!!
i am currently living in japan, (chiba)
i have met many people through different forums, in japan, the main one is GP forum, i had great time!!
anyway, i started a thread in the wrong forum, asking to meet poster in person.

i will be moving back to u.k in the middle of may, i will be working for a japanese travel agency, you probably know it, quite popular here in japan.

i will be living in harpenden to be more precise, and working near leicester square.
i am more a person who like to meet people in person, not that i dont like posting on forums, but meeting people is far more interesting to me.

if you have read my introduction thread it will help you to find out about me.
if you need more details, or the story of my life, not a problem.

so if anyone is interesting in meeting me, for a drink, and talk about life in general, that would be great!!!

i am a more house party guy, but of course pubs etc.. is fine too.

so let me know.

friendship is something that i never had the time/change to nurture, and since this is my last leg, (not moving out anymore) ( i know, never say never!!) it would be nice to create some new friendship.

so let's see the responce.

i could be an havsie!!!

it is a state of mind!!!

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