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Need advice for a friend - she wants to become a "Gyaru" model
A half Japanese friend of mine named Armani Watanabe (yes her first name is Armani) wants to break it into the kind of "Cawaii, Egg, Blenda, CanCam" model market, more kind of tokyo shibuya gyaru. I think she would do very well, she matches and beats alot of those girls in the magazines, with massive dyed blonde hair and fake eyelashes etc, heels knee socks hot pants. shes moving to Japan this summer, does ANYONE know how you get modelling for these magazines, cos most of the girls dont look like professional models, theyr just regular girls that aren't from agencies. if anyone has any contacts please let me know too!
Most of these magazines have two major types of models...the "true" professional ones (some of them go on to become famous and well-paid), and then the "dokusha" (reader) type models - who're not exactly pro, but oftentimes make repeated appearances at (probably) much lower rates.

Although they might not look "professional" (like they were picked randomly off the street), they usually have to go through auditions too. A lot of haafus (just take a look at mixi) give it a try, and not that many are successful. Some make it as haircut models, "dokusha" models, but only a select few make it to the top.

Sorry, I don't have any contacts or any concrete advice, but I think there are basically two ways to get there. If your friend is lucky and really great, she might just get scouted randomly by a legit modeling agency. Beware of those that ask for heaps of money to "invest" up front...they might just take money and never really get her any jobs, or worse still, simply disappear. Or she could apply to modeling agencies that appear to be legit (lots of research necessary here) - and start there. But like I said, there's a lot of competition out there, so probably best if she keeps a realistic picture in her mind till she makes it for real.
[color="#9ACD32"]Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.

walk up and down Omote-sando and pose in front of someone sitting on the side with a camera...

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I remember when I was a model. It was for a vegetable commercial and I was dressed up like an egg. That kind of sucked cuz all the other kids were celeries and tomatoes and here I was a big fat fucking egg. They teased me and asked me where I hid my yolk and I cried and cried and told my dad about it. He'd just laugh and ruffle my hair before putting his pipe in his mouth and ignoring my mom's crying.
Hey, I was in that! I was a tomato.

all those girls in cancam, non-no cutie etc "look" like they r not professional.. but they are, and they do belong in Agencies.. if your friend is pretty enough in the japanese standard pretty , she should definitely go to a models agency and subscribe... thats the only way u can be sure u r not sent to be photographed for Playboy ([Image: tongue.gif]) or smethign, plus u get more jobs.... freelance model... never heard of it...

I dont know with one is the best though
the only different way is to know someone in the business.... my sister would always shoot karaoke videos everytime she would visit Japan for summer vacation because we knew people in a company that produced them.. but its been more than 10 years.. so I dont know any names no more....
The only one I could remember having a good reputation in Tokyo is SOS -

But hey, I found a list of model agencies -
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My #1 piece of advice for anyone who wants to become a model: if the agency you approach tells you to pay for ANYTHING, it is not legit. An agency gets paid a cut from the fee that the model gets for a job. The agency finds you a job, they take their cut from your fee, and then you get paid the rest. If they ask you to pay for "special" headshots, "finder's fees", etc., get out of there, fast. Period. Basically take into account all of the advice that <b>Tyra Banks</b> dishes out on <i>America's Next Top Model</i> and you shouldn't get snookered.

Other than that, I have to concur with what everyone else said. Scout around, look in the Yellow Pages or whatever, ask a lot of questions, Google for "model agencies", and be sure and give me my 10% when you hit it big. [Image: biggrin.gif] [Image: biggrin.gif]
thanks for all your help guys!!
I found this when on youtube... and it made me think of your post!

It is a video describing the Gyaru culture in Japan...

Are these yamanba's for real???? Majide.... they look scary!
Hi there <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

I understand this thread may be rather old.. but after reading through I realized that the most direct way of getting entry into these Magazines now (2009-2010) is:

1. Unless you know someone who picked you up on the streets/friends/contacts - its always about who you know.

2. Being a dokusha first, and then proceeding to get more active in the magazine (it also gives you a good chance to test it out and see if you are eligible/suitable for the business, as well as a change in lifestyle)

Once you have gotten in touch with the above two (models are now attached per magazine... e,g you belong to Popteen, or Ageha, or Cancam etc...) and you now decide its time to get an agent - then look for one.

Usually after 1 year, any model (even dokushas) are expected to pass agency auditions and get signed up. <--- its a MUST in Japan.

As for how you can become a dokusha - they have specific periods throughout the year (usually once or twice - in August specially) when they have MASSIVE auditions travelling to each and every different town/city within Japan to look for Dokushas. (just check the magazines regularly specially those in April - July issues)

Alternatively, they have those forms in magazines looking for Dokushas - where you can just submit your pics along with the mail. And they are always on the lookout for more models.
the first order of business would be to tell her to send me some noodz. I have a keen eye for gyaru talent

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