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East Coast Halvsies
Hope all the East Coast and Mid West Halvsies are ok in the big freeze and snow dump....

Makes English winters seem completely lame.
ughh, snow.

I was not built for such a climate. :c
The cold weather here is absolutely awful. It is over 15 degrees below the freezing point. I cannot wait to get out of here and back to Los Angeles.
Matthew Ota
I was thinking it was going to be a bit rough for a Californian boy, like you Matthew.
cold climate is ok for me. got my skin from my caucasian mother.

but as i told you. a halvsie should settle up to his skin, and what climate he can bare. better for evolution, and life. plus doing a diet combined and blended between the homcountry and the country the other parent comes from. raising halvsie kids is like having an canary bird. plus moves and sayings and noises from the place one lives. basic. and as ad on the japanese or caucasian language.-----> superman


well i made experioences with this beeing halvsie <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

a lot of things i did not know. whate the biggest shit about was, was fulfilling clishes of a country far awy, while the strenght for example of japan lies in total down to soil thinking and acting.

you know, i got the impression i did not correctly understand german. only now, i understand its quit easy. with thaking sound like "sch" or "st" for being quiet or warning. or words like "bell" who comes from the french word beautifule. for example "g a bell" gabell. or small words like on. asoziati"on". do not why but out of a lot of wrong acting, one can also learn.

or that 30 has in german somthing to do with "drei Sieg" drei from old dialect and sieg is victory.

had longtime no assoziation in my head. but once you understand more of the culture you live in. it becoems more easy.

you know there are a lot of wannabees out there. thats total shit. immitating like knowing somthing but not able of doing anything. but what i saw, the halvsies here aer quite down to soil.


this total shit of pretending to be somehow japanese is totaly bastard wannabe. a cool halvsie, kicks shit, and deals with reality. hardcore, plus maybe some japanese language and culture. then you see a lot. but one who doesnt understand the own culture, has problems. but on the other side, i heard, seenig the other culture, can also open your eys. so it can be also the other way round...

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[size="7"]sameMixed [/size]

[size="7"]Originalmischung[/size] [size="4"]seit 1998[/size]

ein Wert auf den man sich verlassen kann

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