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Blended America
Hey all relaying this message to you guys for an organization I volunteer -

Blessings denizens of!

Blended People of America is excited to share some news with you. We have recently launched a website that caters to the informational, entertainment, sponsorship, editorial and networking needs of the Multiracial, Multicultural community across the nation. This new website at: is designed to bring mixed communities together in a place where they can share their lives, hearts, thoughts and events with other people who actually care about what they have to say or think. Interestingly there is a popular article on the front page that takes a look at how people of Asian descent are interwoven into American sociopolitics (down to their last name) and we'd love to hear the opinions of many of you.

Furthermore for the first time ever, there is a social networking site dedicated to the social networking needs of the mixed community. Blended People of America, has recently launched a brand new site created for multiracial, multicultural people to mix, mingle, share views, news, videos and pictures with other mixed race individuals. Visit to register and get to know other people of ‘colors’.

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