Poll: Do people often think you are much younger than you really are?
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Young looking Halvsies!
Hiya Guys!

Just wondering if you all get questioned about your age often?

I'm 26 and in the last year, I have been ID'd for cigarettes (you have to be 16 in UK), I get ID'd at every place over 18 that I go to and everyone usually thinks I'm about 22 at work and stuff...

he he i once got ID'd for cigarettes at a petrol station where I'd just paid for petrol (you have to be 17 to drive in UK) so I showed my car keys and my petrol receipt for ID!

Japanese girls always look about 10 years younger than their real age I think so I'm wondering if most halvsies get mistaken for younger too?

Dunno whether to take it as a compliment or as an insult sometimes!!!! he he

But hopefully when I'm older, people will still believe I'm younger than I am [Image: w00t.gif]
I'll be 35 in a couple more months, and still get ID'd quite often for both ciggies and alcohol (not 100% of the time, but then again, I never got ID'd 100% of the time even when much younger)...I believe the legal age here is 18 and 21 respectively, and I have to say, I don't think I look THAT young, but they ID me out of habit.

I did think it was odd when they ID'd me at a restaurant when I ordered some booze - because I was there with my hubby and son (5), and I just wondered if they thought I was 20 or younger, and dating some older Asian guy with his son (!?!?)...but then again, my husband doesn't look over 30 either. He still looks quite young. So perhaps we look like teenage parents!? [Image: crazy.gif] Nahhh, I <i>don't</i> think so!

Most people I know say I look a little younger than mid-30s, which is nice.

Completely off topic, but Steph - you're in Surrey? I grew up there (Kingston), and my parents and sister are still in the area [Image: smile.gif] .
[color="#9ACD32"]Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.

Yep, I'm 30 and I have people telling me that I look 20 or 22, I have kids talking to me thinking that I'm their age, I have younger women getting jelous cos they look older than me, and when I was in Japan I was 25 and people thought I was 17, sometimes I'm just tired and I really want to look my age, at the beggining it was nice to hear people telling how young I look, but now I'm tired, because sometimes I'm not treated with the respect I deserve for a person of my age.
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Well then, how about me?

I think I look about my age (with the exception of South Asia people who can't always tell my age), due to not looking after myself when I was younger (and not looking after myself now), but I still get patronised by younger people.
<!--quoteo(post=164039:date=Nov 7 2006, 10:36 AM:name=chiquita)-->QUOTE(chiquita @ Nov 7 2006, 10:36 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}><!--quotec-->Completely off topic, but Steph - you're in Surrey? I grew up there (Kingston), and my parents and sister are still in the area [Image: smile.gif] .<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Really?? Do you still go to Kingston?
I went to Uni there, worked there and live in Thames Ditton! (By Surbiton)

And where did you go to school???!!!!
It`s true that looking young gets you no respect. At a restaurant, I asked what`s in the brazilian coffee, as in what alsohol is in it, and the waited just tells me, there`s alcohol in it and then cards me.
Another time, i was inquiring about buying a duckling and the lady tells me i need the consent of an adult....
The worst tho is when i don`t have id on me. Recently i was with some friends at the liquor store, where my friend bought some baileys and the clerk carded all 3 of us. I told her left my id in the car (plus, im not even the one buying) and the attitude that came out of her was like venom. It`s as if im trying to cross her and she`s doing us such a big favor by letting us have the alcohol.
Guess there's good and bad in looking young!!

I guess you're all right..... it isnt so nice being looking at strangely when buying alcohol or asking for something only an 'adult' can have! when you ARE well over the asking age!

I worked in a shop once where a customer got rude with me as I refused a refund, as I was told to... and she started shouting at my manager, 'You need to tell that 'little girl' to sort it out' and that really annoyed me, cos 1. she was probably actually only a year or so older than me and 2. she shouldn't have been so rude!

I do feel like sometimes i'm not taken as seriously as I should be because I feel that some people think I am so much younger than them... when sometimes I am older!

hmmm all your posts have got me thinking!!
Thanks for your posts! :-)

aww hope you got your duckling in the end Bad Medicine!
I typically get carded for alcohol, depending on who I am with.

Sadly, this past year.. I've gotten carded for Rated R movies (17 years old)..... THREE TIMES!!! [Image: dry.gif] [Image: sorry.gif]
Yep. I'm 34, most people think I'm about 25, 28 tops. Since I'm in school, most people think that I'm in my early 20s because most people in university are that age. It's really funny when I go to school things with my husband. He's 40 and he looks it from a distance, and one time one of my friends told me that someone saw me and my husband together and was snarking about how gross it is when old guys date girls young enough to be their daughters. Needless to say I haven't told my husband that!

I don't get carded as much as I used to, which doesn't bug me because I'm a looooooong way from 21, and besides, there's something about maturity and the confidence you have in buying the booze that plays a role in whether you get carded.
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In Japan, I am 25...In the States, I am eligible for a student discounts at the movies [Image: tongue.gif] But it also depends on what I wear...
I'm not a real actor, but I play one on TV.
I'm 20 (almost 21) and usually ppl think I'm about 22-26 years old demo since I am already in my 20's, I dont really think its much of a big deal if they think I'm a few years older than I am. When Yasmine (my baby sis) was younger, I used to luv taking her to the mall and dress up slightly momsey and act like her mom (yeah quite sad but she's still like my baby to this day) and sure enough ppl would think I was her mom (she's 10 years younger than me)

I'm pretty used to ppl thinking I'm in my 20's so when i heard my friend Arwa (who is 25) thought I had been 18 this whole time, that was a shock like " woah I can look 18 to some ppl eh!"

demo nihonjin niwa "toshiue kana?" tte omowareruhouga ooiitoomou. Compared to them I'm an "older looking" asian [Image: laugh.gif]

I dont really care what age I look as long as ppl think my spirit is young (Even though I feel like such an oban at times)

I get carded for cigs now and then but it never made me wonder just how old I look like to those ppl coz its the rules. The only time I notice I'm kind of old(er) is when high school kids or 18 year old look SO young to me then it makes me wonder just how much older I look like to them!
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The last time I was carded, I was checking out of a liquor store; and I was 38. I even had quite a bit of gray hair. The cashier looked at my license and had a surprised look. I pointed out the gray hair, and he said that a lot of kids frost their hair. Now I'm in my 40's, and I haven't been carded again. I guess I'm officially old now.
People always think that I'm older!! I once had women telling me about how the 21 year olds were "just kids" and then I pointed out that I was 23 and the lady freaked out because she thought that I was in my early 30s. [Image: laugh.gif]
It depends on the circumstance.

People at work usually guess I’m in my early 20s. This is nice, but also not a very good thing in the work place. I really think it’s a big disadvantage to look young at work. Am I not eluding maturity and confidence at work?

People at bars and clubs (in London) are ridiculous. I am obviously old enough to order drinks (18+). They rarely card people here. No one even carries around an ID. They don’t make national ID cards. What if I didn’t have my CA license? Am I supposed to carry around my passport??
I think that I look a lot older than my age of 21.

When I buy alcohol I get carded, but I think since it has become routine for the employees that they ask everyone.
In Japan, people were able to figure out my age.
In Canada, everyone thinks I'm a lot younger like maybe 4-5 years younger than I really am.
I hope I don't age badly [Image: sad.gif]
But existing is all I do.
<!--quoteo(post=164054:date=Nov 7 2006, 04:56 PM:name=kristina)-->QUOTE(kristina @ Nov 7 2006, 04:56 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}><!--quotec-->I typically get carded for alcohol, depending on who I am with.

Sadly, this past year.. I've gotten carded for Rated R movies (17 years old)..... THREE TIMES!!! [Image: dry.gif] [Image: sorry.gif]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--> \\

[Image: dry.gif] either that or they just wanted to see where you live [Image: evil.gif]
whatever happened to the swiper at bars & places so you don't have to show the bouncer/ worker??? are they outdated?
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In Japan, people usually guess I'm in my mid 20s, which is fine (wonderful, in fact!), but here in the States, it is downright ridiculous. recently, i've been a bit embarrassed at how young people think i am. on two recent outings with my mother, i was mistaken to be in highschool or in college. the dry cleaner dude gave me a frickin' free gift because he thought i was 18 and was trying to be this nice, jolly ojisan. when i told him i was 31, he did a double take which really made me embarrassed and i wanted to return the gift.

if people got close enough, i don't think they would guess i was so young! i definitely feel like i look much older than when i did in my early 20s. but i think my clothes, my voice, my mannerisms--they all kind of scream young, especially in america. at times, i kind of want to command more of an authoritative, dependable, wise older person type presence!
I have had both ways...
When I was 21 and hanging out with my ex in Downtown Manhattan people thought I was their age; @ 31. I felt so pressured and helpless because I didn't have my own business and noone knew for 3-4 years!

Then I left Fl. and got here to PA where people are @ 50+ who I see and they treated me like I was 19. While I was 27+. So annoying.

I realized, through many conversations, that alot of non-white people have the same problem with being treated as very young. I think it's because caucasian people tend to show age quickly without trips to the plastic surgeon's office. So, age doesn't show on most of us for a while.
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lol asians know how old i am usually but i surprise even them sometimes. others usually think i am younger but it does depend on the circumstance. peter, my partner is 56 so people usually catch on to me being def out of my 20's

it is important not to smoke and to eat well and sleep enough and avoid alcohol and drugs to avoid premature aging. sunblok is important too!!

let's hear it for those asian genes [Image: cool.gif]

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