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Seens like Japanese interracial marriages don't work.
well i am mixed, but i stop lying. in my impression, a lot of differen x chromosoms in one area cause a lot of sozial tension like this terreorism. male simply attac each other in this or an other way. if it goes on like this, i look at my city in linz, this is the break down of this century. lets listen to green day "21 century break down."

for example. i like turkish people. i know a lot from them. they go to europe. come over greece to serbie etc. ( you know this war in ex yougoslawia, they killed them <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />) now they are near to bayern. well. ( no i do not hate them, i like their baklawa and kebab) and now they go up cause in the moment everyone wants to go to berlin. ok. cause there is gravity towards this city in the north"

i know they are pure and search for sear chance. but europe is simply not built like america(waht we see in tv) an cant bear this burden. i alo do not think we have enough money here to feed them. and i am really sad, cause, i think they also do not know what htey are for here. the turkish in their country say they sould stay where they are. they came to europe cause in the 70 we neede workers. shit. i know growing up in an different country without help is harcore.

plus i realized this religion is like christinity 80 years ago like here. " i do evil things and i pray for me" some are very muslim, but lot of them are just gangsters, who pretend to be muslims"

but the want succed. cause they simply only know the citys and not the people on the countryside, who totaly are also are hard. i simply tell you how it is.

the old people here do not understand the youth culture or the music of this century, cause they were young 30 years ago. but i understand them and this time "never cared for what they know but i know" metallica *G*

and if you tell them the trouth they start to get agressive. better next tim i say, "no it is surly not like this."

the city is interesting. cause let see it in the primitiv way, the native male push hard in ( their was and moves) the new one understand nothing low education versus high education. but you can move very smart, if someone just pushs you down or make nois, you loose psychologically. the native get very angry and sad in thei soul, and shit soon we have the next "ha kenn kreuz"

you know they come from vienna ghettos its hard in ghettos you do evolution, and now they dispers over the country. it is such a shit regulation here. cause this european union lead by very high educated, do not know primitiv and low educated people: DO NOT KNOW THEM AND JUST HATE THEM:

this new people just need a punsh in the face. otherwise the do not understand.

then we have this christianity here ( he i am also christian, i think jesus is a cool guy) woh tell people to be nice. right, but i think it was never ment like this and missunderstood.) this is why people are weak loose against primitiv ones ( me not, i like pushing *g* somtimes its fun)

this is why we have this foreigner problems.

people regulate moving in an country, who are from th upperclass, and for them all low class people are pure and umb, but they simply do not understand them.

well this are "funny" storys from europe, who maybe make you something clear. maybe it helps you

but all in all its quite cool here. i just mentined some problems, but most time i have to do my own shit.
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you know i just want to make you somethin clear about this marriage, and what it causes for society. well we halvsie are really cool.

but i look at my hometown. which seems to fall... low educated people come, people think they are pure and the new ones play it nice. they start as cleaning personal etc, and the hig society thinks, yess thats cool, cause this is the way they are used to tread their own people. the new ones from the foreign countries think what an asshole i sould clean all this shit and say like jay z in ( numb encore) " look what i made for you". but here are also not so rich people and they get angry, do not tell anything cause they are ashamed.

you know i would never tell them this, cause i do not want to disturb evolution and history.

and the new ons push hard and push high in each generation. and this is how it works that there exist you know this hitl..shit. well in my mind people would just dissapear like in south america.

but i do not care it is not my business. i just eat some donuts and try to fulfill my things, this is what life is.

what i also wanted to talk about something else. it is not normal, i ralized this. that there are very differnt x chromosoms in one area, althoug there happens evolution. i hope japanese male are aware of this.

you know what white or arab people very good can do, is paralyse people. they do this and that move, to slowly push down other mals mentally. for example, they say some other kind of peoples are dogs *g* i surly understand what the want to say. they move the finger the make this move and that way of thinking. you know fight works like this. and the other peron gets mentally paralysed. but well ok. i thin asian and white paralyse moves are cross purposes. and it simply yess. you also can just play some movies or hip hop videos were you are the hero, and girls beieve this shit.

but fact is, that it depends on what kinds of food vitamis shit etc is good for a kid. i know this should be evolution, that men enter two partners get children, some live and some die. thats normal, but you should not humbuged by things like the last samurai. thats totally bullshit and sensless.

and i also realized, that there is a fight among sexes. asian woman it seems try to make it like this, to get an white guy talk talk tak to get it in this direction. i do not care, but hey i like also japanes men. cool ones. thumbs up. give your bith a slight punsh so they wake up. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
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it took a long time to wake up in my mind. and well i feel good. a really funny thing is. that my parents father japanese and mother white splitted up. now my father has 5 daughters in japan. thats totally sick. and i am in europe. but hell, i like it. the woman, the plants food. moral. i really get the impression, that asian woman try to push it that way. so evolution goes in this direction.

the same with this blacks. black man do whits and whites do asian. intersting moves. and its nowones fault. its nature an cheap flight lines. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Rolleyes' /> jes and some action movies.

i think we should help black woman to make diests, so that black man like them again, and asian guys should eat european, american food, so that they get bigger.

and we have some cracy muslems here in europe, who think we are bad people, bud evil lies in the eye of the beholder. i am a super good person.

you know about this religion. i realized that there are intelligent and more stupid people on this planet. for example japanese beieve in ghost. for me, i allwasy listen to "ghost busters".

you know i whitnest some muslims. religion that we had some hundreds yeas in a similar way. they make people believe in the good, and then control them in this or that direction. some know of course. but what should i do. i visited also an christian school, and i know about it, and have to say thats nothing new for me. for exampel everybody can say there and there is a ghost, and kids belive it. whoo. he in dorknob is a ghost hähähäh. thats like kindergarden. and i whatch some muslims here in my town and they come up with me with this shit, and only because i am civil i say yess ok. of course.
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[size="7"]Originalmischung[/size] [size="4"]seit 1998[/size]

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the intesting part is, that if i enter japan, you know, people are used to this an that, but i behve and live very european. you know in some cases human are still like monkeys. smell behavior etc makes them knwo you are one of them. cracy. but i can good deal with japanes girls for example.

okok i talk to much. it is just an european point of view. furthermore i have a lot of things to do.

but one thing is also interesting. me and some others, have problems with seniors. you know in this area, they are totally not used to it. they can not imagine what is it like. to deal with us and to be me. and you know seniors allways want to know everything. i know too about it, and they... fuck them. i like them. lovely grannys <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/eh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':eh:' />

in my area, i am one of the first like me. maybe it is our fate to meke them used to us, but to be honest, i enjoy chilling more. so lets chill.

and the best thing about me is. i am half austrian half japanese. so my ancesxtors toghether german empire, japanese empire killed a lot of people. one can say that i am one of the biggest raptiles on earth, but i still think that the americans.

am i proud of it? NO! but this shit mus have something to do that i am on earth. but allso other people are the product of wars, like the second gereration of yougoslavians.

sooohe q-she is an interseting person, but injoys life and gives a shit.
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q-she you seem like you know your stuff.

I wanna ask you though, with the recent arrest of Tatsuya Ichhashi, how do you feel about the way the Japanese media has handled the Lindsay Hawker story? Do you think the only reason it's getting this much attention is because she's White? In contrast, would it be as popular as it is if the victim was Japanese? If not, wouldn't it give you the impression that the Japanese care more about whites than their own people?
could have something to do with the fact that she was buried in a bathtub full of sand and the police were staggeringly incompetent and if there's anything that everyone loves it's sick murderers and police fuckups

speaking of fuckups, q-she I'm trying not to make the obvious nazi jokes here but your wholehearted acceptance of social Darwinism and other scientific-racist horseshit isn't making it easy, also you are a huge misogynist and I was going to try and address your rambling bullshit but damn boy. You're kind of dumb and my own personal discourse has deteriorated to this level so i guess we both lose???
This thread just buried the needle on my Crazy-O-Meter.
doorknob - i'm impressed you read it all and managed to come to any conclusion.
it's easy, the conclusions are:

1: women worship my massive penis because they are shallow sluts and race traitors and i am a genetically superior ubermensch who can train lesser men like dogs <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/happy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='^_^' />

2: racism: not so bad, especially when it's true (which it is)(except when it applies to me)

3: [quote name='q-she' date='15 November 2009 - 03:09 AM' timestamp='1258272572' post='224977']you know, when we appear, the grand parents and old people are not used to it. they think we get outcasted. but shit we do.

they have never felt the pushes of our fists of us halvsie. i think jesus just should have gave his neighbous some uppercuts. and slightly bully this seniors. then everyting is fine. come on, are we gay???

Quote:for exampel everybody can say there and there is a ghost, and kids belive it. whoo. he in dorknob is a ghost hähähäh. thats like kindergarden.
"Once you figure out what a joke everything is, being the Comedian's the only thing that makes sense."
it's safe to say that this topic has been q-she'd.

BRINGING THIS BACK ON TOPIC hapadeity what is your opinion on [url=""]this related post[/url]on the dysfunctionality of Japanese/Honkey relationships

[quote name='gh3tt0nikkei' date='04 September 2008 - 03:25 AM' timestamp='1220516711' post='211055']

Well some of the ones i really questions are guys like Ryu and Chun li who are suppose to be asian but i dunno, sometimes they don't at all. Depending on how the artist draws.

But then again i can see a guy like Kitamura Kazuki really resembling Ryu.

btw lol

If you read on later you'll read that white nationalists respect japanese because of how "superior" they make their race appear to be with all the heroism of white looking characters in japanese games and cartoons.

To be honest the only animation that is japanese i ever seen in my entire life that i felt that characters were japanese are Crayon shinchan and sakigake otokojuku, and formerly goku and a large number of the characters from DB/Z. I use to think of goku as the japanese superman when i was a kid, but i guess i was wrong.


please answer honestly, this is very importnat
Trying a little experiment here.

you know,we



and no  

        blooded idiots.

we know


it is like.

             the blooded,

                         just do not know what it means to go in a


                          where both of the couple speak


language. they

are just fasci

nated of someting

                  the do not understand,

                  but admire.

                                       if you go in such a marriage,

                                       you do not really know if the

                                       other person is an idiot or n

                                       ot, cause, you do not underst

                                       and the culture. you know, th

                                       is first generation, go into

                                       a country, they think they ar

                                       e very smart. yes. in their c

                                         ountry... but they do not


                                      what it is like, to grow up there.

i explain it like this, total ratinally.

last time, i spoke with a friend

where i grew up: it was raining.

                                he said, what a fucking climate

                                                               but a person from another country thinks...


                            how beautiful  

but for people who grew up here,

                      it stais a fucking climate.  

                             backa osucker.

i think

       a lot

of different x chromosoms

               causes a lot of sozial tension

and hatred. sure,

                                                some thigs

                 do evolution.

but you should really know

                          what it means what it means

\                         ,

                          to go in such a marriage. at least

that you should know

                     the same with the job situation,

                                                      the cultural understanding

                                                                                and the natural racism

( i drink asahi,                                                                                        and you drink heineken)

                                                      i say

                                              dick is not everything

                                            although i have a dicktator.

i know maybe this works in the american culture, cause it is built up like this, but others not.

this topic may have been q-she'd, but q-she just got e.e. cumming'd (lol cum)
For a second there, I thought you turned his post into programming code, but bravo!
10 IF poster=qshe,hapadeity

THEN post shit

20 goto 10

I'm bad at computers <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />
oh wow how did i miss his direct advocacy of domestic violence as a way for Japanese men to stop their women from being such a bunch of sluts

i should make a q-she scavenger hunt list or bingo cards or something
I just q-she'd duorknawb's mum.
if you mean write huge meandering racist misogynistic chauvinistic stupid essays online about her . . . no you haven't???

also that totally isn't how you spell my name
for some reason, when i read q-she's posts, i get this image of him wearing a powdered wig and scribbling furiously with a quill and ink into some leather-bound notebook like some mad genius or something.

if i may, i'd like to post MY favorite quote (so many! but if forced to choose...) <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

i took much delight in (was delighted to TEARS really...):

Quote:i think we should help black woman to make diests, so that black man like them again, and asian guys should eat european, american food, so that they get bigger.

and we have some cracy muslems here in europe, who think we are bad people, bud evil lies in the eye of the beholder. i am a super good person.

you know about this religion. i realized that there are intelligent and more stupid people on this planet. for example japanese beieve in ghost. for me, i allwasy listen to "ghost busters".
I don't know, Deism worked for Thomas Jefferson, maybe it would be good to help black woman to make deists as well?

Then again, we all know how much the known whitey Jefferson liked the black ladies, so maybe this would just be counterproductive to q-she's quest of enforcing universal racial purity.

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