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Need help locating Japanese listening
Hi all. Wondering if anyone out there can help me.

I am promising myself I'll brush up on the basic Japanese.

So I have a stack of books. Kanji, Japanese The Spoken Language 1 & 2 ...

I haven't used them since 1999... at Cornell over a summer course. Planned on going to Japan after graduation, but got Shanghai'd and stuck in Florida for a year... long complicated story mother's demands on my return home...

Anyway, Since the books are discontinued I don't have the language tapes. I'm Wondering if anyone knows where I can get the language lab tapes?!

Please let me know; I would really appreciate it. Tremendously!!! At this rate I brush up on my Japanese 1x every 6 to 7 years. I can't speak with my mother at home because my father hates it...he's still paranoid from his military service.

Anyway; If anyone can help or know a site where I can get them... let me know!!!

Otherwise, I'm going to be listening to Chinese tones and inflections ...since I have the CD's for that...
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I'd try Ebay or Amazon Marketplace for something like this. Private sellers are usually your best bet if you can't get it from the manufacturer.
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