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does a hlvsie have to be multicultural
what a stupid question. most halvsies just do it.

thinking about it, i would say i support my 2 origins. so that they mix in the right way. and i come out as a output. but its nearly impossible. staying somting unique...
[size="7"]sameMixed [/size]

[size="7"]Originalmischung[/size] [size="4"]seit 1998[/size]

ein Wert auf den man sich verlassen kann

[size="7"]Original Blend[/size]
For me it's more a love hate relationship. Both feet in one culture but somehow i still look strangely japanese. I guess were multicultural in nature so yes i think we have to be in mind too.
"I thought i was done for, trampled in the snow. Suddenly i felt her hand on my shoulder. The warmth returned to my bones, and together we repelled the beasts."

--Legends of the North
i agree

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