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do other halvsies aknowledge u by eye contact?
I've never met another halvsie outside of my siblings :'[

but I do sometimes get a little head-bow from most Asian people I see around.

aah, this makes me think of a Korean exchange student we had a couple years back.

I was the only person who could understand his engrish at first, so we became friendsish.

every time we saw each other in the hallway we'd highfive, so everyone thought we were in some weird asian gang.
usually YES halvsies do acknowledge me somehow. sometimes, tho i get the freeze, even from a fellow halvsie. i think it has to do with internalized racism? or just general shyness/self-consciousness...

sometimes in predominantly White or Japanese contexts, I find that halvsies get a little weird or alienated? and don't want to connect w another halvsie - which is sad..!
Interesting post, h-yonsei....never really looked at it in that light. I've found too, that I'm usually the one to initiate any queries into heritage. Although my previous post sez otherwise, that was just a coinkidink that we spotted each other about the same time, as there were about 10,000 people at the beach at that time. I've met other haafu's at a lot of diverse locations, including racetracks, walking down the street, truck stops, hotels, all sorts of places. Sometimes though, they're not half-Japanese, but some other Asian derivative, but we'll both have something in common, I reckon just by virtue of being a haafu of some sort.
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yes. its something like. "oh ok."
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ein Wert auf den man sich verlassen kann

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I'm glad someone made this thread.

It is kind of awkward when it happens multiple times at Uni... because once you have acknowledged them... then what?
...yet another quality post...
Do you spend the next couple of years evading them?
I always know if one is halvsie..and i do stare a bit..nobody usually recognizes me..but last Saturday, I was a judge at this cosplay event during a comic/anime/manga exhibition/conference and i realized there were a few people staring at me and i realized they were haafus..and they had recognized me! i felt good to be recognized as a halvsie...

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